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Cleaning Steps


Living Room



Eson 2 Standard


Make sure all the cutleries are clean and tidy like this way.

Make sure all the crockery inside the cabinets are tidy like this way.

Check that all the pans  and pots are all together  in the same cabinet.

Check the fridge is clean, empty and don’t smelling.

Check the microwave is empty and clean.

Check the dishwasher is empty and clean.

Check oven is turn off.

Check oven is empty and clean.

Check that the sink is clean without the dish washer liquid and the sponge, on it.

Check all cabinets are clean without things that don’t belong in the apartment.

Check that the towels are clean and tidy inside a drawer.

Put a new kitchen paper.

Check that the electrical appliances are off.

Check  that  the kettle inside is clean.

Check that the toaster is clean.

Check that there are all the cleaning fluids, sponges, garbage bags, under the sink

Living Room

Dust the sofa and tidy the pillows. Make notes for any stains that require special cleaning.

In case the windows are very dirty on the outside and it is impossible to clean them, note this  information.

If there is a broken decorative item don’t throw it out, make a note for this information.


Check the bed condition. Check the pillows.

Put 2 towels per person in this way.

Check that all drawers  are empty.

Put all the furniture in the right place.

Make sure that all the towels are clean and tidy inside the wardrobe.


Clean the bath cabin and check if it works properly

Clean the bathroom shower with an appropriate product.

Put the toiletries in this way (two per person and one hand tablet per person).

Put the toilet paper in this way.

Put two toilet paper per bathroom. Put the hairdryer inside the bathroom drawer.

Clean the bathmat.

Clean and check the pigal.

Put a baggage bag inside the rubbish bin.

Cleaning Room

Clean the washing machine. Check that is empty inside.

Clean the rubber of the washing machine door.

Clean the washing machine drawer.

Check if the iron board is clean, and make a note if it needs replacement.

Check the iron condition.

Spill the water from the iron.

Make sure that everything are tidy.

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