Meet Eson2, a London based Real Estate Company

We are a London real estate company  offering 360ᵒ real estate services to landlords. We utilise advanced processes and tools built upon our perennial expertise so you can maximise your property’s interests, regardless of the market’s status quo.

Furthermore, we assist customers in their home-seeking adventures by providing a sophisticated booking platform with exquisite properties in central locations. We ensure that all listed properties follow the highest 5-star hotel quality standards.

Eson2 in numbers

  • Trusted by the most reputable developers in Central London 
  • More than 500 exclusive units under management
  • Partnering with more than 100 landlords
  • Recognized among the Top Property Management Companies in the world
  • Exclusive revenue management for more than 300 units

Discover our core values


ROI maximisation for properties

By conducting thorough research, we develop and implement the optimum revenue model exclusively for your property, allowing you to continually increase your ROI.


Adaptability to the current real estate market trends

We are always searching for present and upcoming market trends so you can skyrocket your earnings by adjusting your rental policy accordingly.


Quality-centred operations

We settle for nothing less than uttermost quality. We offer a variety of flats that meet the corresponding criteria while collaborating with a prominent clientele.


Superior end-to-end services

By providing dedicated and tailor-made property management, we fully secure your revenue and operations. We stand by your side throughout each process.


Absolute transparency

We offer full disclosure before, during, and after we proceed with any action, to ensure a fruitful and transparent collaboration with all parties.

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